The Lion King Hero

My hero is Michael Phelps. He is an Olympic Gold Medalist and has the most gold medals ever. He inspires me to do better in swimming. Michael focuses on the task at hand, just like Simba did when he needed to get back to his kingdom to save it. Michael always knows how to focus. Simba had to focus when he fought Scar so he could win to take back the kingdom. Michael practices and is always determined. Simba was determined to get his kingdom back from Scar, so the kingdom will get recover from the Scar’s horrible reign. Michael Phelps is my hero, just as Simba is to the Pridelands.

What Happened this Weekend?

This weekend was a very, very busy weekend for me. I am exhausted. On Friday, I went to a swim meet, on Saturday I went to an academic competition, and on Sunday I went to the Swim meet again! Phew!

Like I said, on Friday, went to a swim meet (this is my team). I had to swim two events, the two-hundred yard IM (individual medley) and the five-hundred yard freestyle. I beat my best time in the IM by twelve seconds! That is a lot to beat it by! I also beat my five-hundred yard freestyle time by fourteen seconds! This is a lot too! I was very happy that day.

On Saturday, I went to our school and went to an academic competition. It consisted of Quick Recall and written tests. I took math as a written test, and I got second place! The person who got first was my teammate, so I was happy for them. My quick recall team placed second after we lost the championship. We were close to winning, but we couldn’t pull it out. Afterwards, at awards, they announced our school as the overall winner! We were so excited!

Credit for Image

Then, finally, I went again to the swim meet on Sunday. I had to swim three individual events and one relay. I swam the one-hundred yard butterfly, the fifty yard backstroke, and the one-hundred yard freestyle. My relay was the two-hundred yard freestyle relay. That’s a lot of swimming! I did really good on Sunday. We had a two hour drive to the pool where I swam. When we got home, I was absolutely exhausted and I went to bed.

Once again, I had a very eventful weekend. I am very tired.

How was your weekend? Comment Below!

Happy Holidays!

We all love holidays, am I right? We get together with our families, have fun, and eat good food. What more could you want for a celebration?

My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day (Fourth of July).

Recently, at my family’s Thanksgiving, we all got together at my grandma’s house and we spent time together. We watched football, ate good food, and hang out. My cousins came and we played a game called Tripoley. It consists of the Luck of the draw game, where you get points based on the cards you have, poker, and run. Another name for it is Michigan Rummy. I love thanksgiving because I get to eat a lot of good food and spend time with family!

At Christmas, usually, my family gets together again at my grandma’s house. We eat good food, spend time together, and open presents. This year, everyone might come down to our house for Christmas. That is going to be fun! My family lives in Ohio and Michigan, so it kind of is a long drive. But we drive four hours to their houses, why can’t they drive to ours? Anyways, I love Christmas!

Independence Day is awesome, you get to stay outside, hang out, and just have fun. Not to mention the awesome fireworks! My family usually goes to the country club pool. I hang out with my friends there. We play games and swim in the pool. At about eight o’clock, we all settle down  and find our places for the fireworks. My country club has an absolutely awesome firework show! They have a grand finale  and everything!  

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20% Affair

I am doing a project my schools, called the “20% Project.” My Partner, Payson (link to his blog), and I will be going to an elementary school in our community to tutor struggling third graders.

I feel nervous, anxious, and expectant. I am nervous because I don’t know how these third graders will react to us helping them. They may like it, or they may hate it. I am anxious because I don’t know how our project is going to unfold or when it will unfold. I am expectant because I want to go tutor the third graders, but we can’t yet because we aren’t ready.

Our goals for this month are talking with our mentor about a lesson plan for the third graders and calling the elementary school to find out if we can teach there and who we might be teaching. We work on our project every friday, so by next friday we would like to call the school.

See my Visual Aid for more information.


My School Schedule

I get to school at 7:20. I have to get to my homeroom by 7:35, and the teachers keep us in the gym, away from our classes. I go to all my core classes and get to 5th period at 11:13. Then I go to lunch, come back to the classroom, and go to advisory at 12:33. Next, I go to 6th period, band, and finally, go to 7th period which is Spanish. My schools ends at 2:35. I get home at 3:00 and get ready for my afternoon activities.

January 2015 - Kalender, Calender, Calendar, Kalender, almanac, calendario, calendrier    Is your schedule anything like mine? eagle1effi via Compfight

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Our schedule changes throughout the year. We change 6th and 7th period classes. I only switch 7th period because my 6th period, band, is year round. Last term, I had careers. This term, I have Spanish. Third term I have Design and Modeling. Fourth term I have Health. And finally, in Fifth term I have Gym. This rotation lets us have different Unified Arts classes every year.

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What is the microbiome?

What is it?

The microbiome is a biome for germs. It is a place that is microscopic anywhere in or on your body. Your skin has a microbiome. Your mouth has a microbiome. Your poop has a microbiome too! So, a microbiome is the biome in which germs exist. It is a community of bacteria on your body. Each microbiome is different. Your mouth’s microbiome is different from your foot’s.

Your microbiome can be in good or bad condition. When your are felling good, your microbiome is probably in a good condition. There is some research about how the microbiome affects your mood. If you feel sick, your microbiome is probably in a bad condition.

You can also change the microbiome. You can take anti-biotics, which takes some germs away, or you can take probiotics, which gives your body good bacteria. One more little fact. In one human body, there is more bacteria than the number of humans on earth! I hope you learned a little about the microbiome!

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Picture Puzzles!

Activity 3

MyDragon-and-me Robin Hutton via Compfight

One man is pointing threateningly at another. The one man has a dragon. It was not a smart move. The dragon and the man are confident. The dragon hasn’t eaten yet, and he is hungry. The dragon licks his lips expectantly as…

Comment how you think the story should end! I wonder how it ends….


Activity 4

Try and figure out the sequence that these pictures show! Cooment the answer!


Impasto per la pizza, pizza dough, how to make Italian pizzaCreative Commons License Wine Dharma via CompfightPushing the Dough Mike via Compfight

Braided Vegetarian Pizza Crust Brian Landis via Compfight

This Picture is UNCOOKED.
Yummy Veggie Pizza
Amarand Agasi via Compfight

June 15, 2017Creative Commons License osseous via Compfight

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pizzaCreative Commons License Dale Cruse via Compfight

Why do you need to cite, I Wonder?

Activity 1

You need to cite things and give their creators credit. When you do this, you prevent plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking someone else´s work as your own. If you don´t cite where you got your media, you could get fined and even arrested if it is a major offense. All you have to do to cite is write the owners name next to the image or someplace on your presentation if you used website for information. Attribution is the same thing. It´s easy! Give people their credit for what they made, don´t pass it of as your own. Also, as further warning, don´t photograph or record people without them knowing. That is a SERIOUS offense and illegal.

Activity 2

The pumpkin is smiling,

a toothy grin,                                                                                                                                                  he grabs his belly,

as he smiles with delight,

He is laughing and smiling,

a big, grand grin,                                                                                                                                          for he is taking a picture,                                                                                                                          for Halloween night

Happy PumpkinCreative Commons License SurFeRGiRL30 via Compfight

See how I gave the owner and maker of this photo credit with Compfight? Do it like this, near the picture.











This Avatar? Why?

I made and chose this avatar because I believe that it looks like me and represents me. I have about that color hair and I have blue eyes. Also, I like the colors blue and orange and I like to wear long sleeve shirts and pants. I think my avatar shows my personality to. I like to laugh and smile with my friends. I like how I made my avatar and I like it.

 I made my avatar at doppel me.


My Hobbies


I like to swim. I am on a swim team called the Clippers and I have practice five days a week. I am very good at swimming and I am fast. Swimming is good exercise because it works every muscle in your body. It helps you relax and think.

My favorite stroke is backstroke. You lay on your back and spin your arms, to put it bluntly. I can swim fifty yards of backstroke in thirty seven seconds(that’s pretty fast). I have swam two hundred meters of it before at one time.

I love swimming for fun and competing. It is very fun for me.DSC01244Creative Commons License Alexandr Meshkov via Compfight