20% Affair

I am doing a project my schools, called the “20% Project.” My Partner, Payson (link to his blog), and I will be going to an elementary school in our community to tutor struggling third graders.

I feel nervous, anxious, and expectant. I am nervous because I don’t know how these third graders will react to us helping them. They may like it, or they may hate it. I am anxious because I don’t know how our project is going to unfold or when it will unfold. I am expectant because I want to go tutor the third graders, but we can’t yet because we aren’t ready.

Our goals for this month are talking with our mentor about a lesson plan for the third graders and calling the elementary school to find out if we can teach there and who we might be teaching. We work on our project every friday, so by next friday we would like to call the school.

See my Visual Aid for more information.


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  1. Brady
    Many thanks for your comment on Gaia …I have replied on the site. An interesting question.
    Mike farmer

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