What Happened this Weekend?

This weekend was a very, very busy weekend for me. I am exhausted. On Friday, I went to a swim meet, on Saturday I went to an academic competition, and on Sunday I went to the Swim meet again! Phew!

Like I said, on Friday, went to a swim meet (this is my team). I had to swim two events, the two-hundred yard IM (individual medley) and the five-hundred yard freestyle. I beat my best time in the IM by twelve seconds! That is a lot to beat it by! I also beat my five-hundred yard freestyle time by fourteen seconds! This is a lot too! I was very happy that day.

On Saturday, I went to our school and went to an academic competition. It consisted of Quick Recall and written tests. I took math as a written test, and I got second place! The person who got first was my teammate, so I was happy for them. My quick recall team placed second after we lost the championship. We were close to winning, but we couldn’t pull it out. Afterwards, at awards, they announced our school as the overall winner! We were so excited!

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Then, finally, I went again to the swim meet on Sunday. I had to swim three individual events and one relay. I swam the one-hundred yard butterfly, the fifty yard backstroke, and the one-hundred yard freestyle. My relay was the two-hundred yard freestyle relay. That’s a lot of swimming! I did really good on Sunday. We had a two hour drive to the pool where I swam. When we got home, I was absolutely exhausted and I went to bed.

Once again, I had a very eventful weekend. I am very tired.

How was your weekend? Comment Below!

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