About Me

I am going to describe myself with the alphabet, I think it is creative and a fun way to describe yourself.

A is for Appetite. I love to eat new foods and try new foods.

B is for bacon. I love bacon, especially when it is nice and chewy.

C is for my liking of computers. I enjoy programming and writing papers on computers.

D is for downtime. I love to relax and just cool off.

E is for extrovert. I love to spend time with family and friends.

F is for friends. I enjoy being with friends  and other people.

G is for geek. I like school and I love to learn.

H is for Hilarious. My friends think I am funny and so do I.

I is for Independent. I can take care of myself.

J is for juvenile. I am a teenager.

K is for Kind. I am nice and caring. I like to help people. 

L is for laughing. I love to laugh with friends and family and people.

M is for math. I love to do math and other things like it.

N is for nice. I am very nice and helpful to people.

O is for Outgoing. I love to meet new people and new friends.

P is for possibilities. I don’t know exactly what I want to be in the future.

Q is for questions. I ask a lot of questions and I am curios.

R is for reading. I love to read and go to the library.

S is for sisters. I have four sisters and they all love me.

T is for trustworthy. I am dependable and I can do my job.

U is for unique. I am different than people in many ways.

V is for victorious. I have had many victories, but I have also had failures.

W is for wise. I believe I am smart and have common sense.

X is a very hard letter to use, so I don’t have an adjective to use.

Y is for youth. I am still young.

Z is another case like X. I cant find an adjective.

Thank you for looking at my “About Me” page. I think all of these adjectives describe me.Smiley Face John Keogh via Compfight

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